Missionary Disciples Training Program

Forming the Deacon and Wife as Mission Educators and Animator

All Christians become missionary disciples at baptism and it's your job to form them to go forth in joy to share the Good News.

Not an easy task!

Jesus passed his mission on to his disciples and for almost two thousand years the mission has been passed down from generation to generation. It's now up to us to make sure that this gift of missionary discipleship is given to the next generation.

Four sessions over the course of a weekend at our Maryknoll Mission Center in San Lorenzo will include the following, as well as opportunities for individual reflection, communal liturgy and faith sharing:

Session 1: God's Invitation to Participate in the Mission of Love

Session 2: The Master Story of God's Love in Human History (Scriptural Foundations of Mission)

Session 3: The Mission Continues (The Paths and Spirituality of Mission Today)

Session 4: Going Forth in Joy as Mission Educators to Support Communities of Missionary Disciples

  • We are excited to offer this Missionary Disciples Training Program for frontline parish and school ministers (teachers, principals, DREs, lay ecclesial ministers, catechists, priests, deacons and wives, etc.). This program will assist them in carrying out the privilege and responsibility they bear of instilling a missionary spirit in the faithful by helping them create and support "communities of missionary disciples" that go forth in joy.Incorporate a stronger sense of mission into your ministerial identity and spirituality.
  • Develop skills and resources to better integrate the mission into your ministry and programs.
  • Help your parishioners and students come alive in their faith as you animate and support them in their calling to take part in the mission of Jesus.

Length: Four sessions of two hours that can be offered over a weekend

Multimedia: Videos, PowerPoint

Text: Schroeder, What is the Mission of the Church?


Basic Understanding of Catholic Social Teaching in the Context of Mission and Evangelization

“The Church’s social doctrine is an integral part of her evangelizing ministry.” Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church, 66

As ministers of charity and justice, the Church looks to deacons and their wives to be critical agents in the Church’s efforts to promote it’s social teaching, whether as educators or practitioners in the field of social justice. This program provides an overview of how that important ministry fits into the overall mission of Christ bringing the Good News to all people. Upon successful completion of the program participants will have a basic understanding of Catholic Social Teaching in the context of the evangelical mission of the Church and a better understanding of how it is an essential element and path of the Church’s mission.

  • Session 1: Scriptural foundation for Catholic Social Teaching in light of the evangelical mission
  • Session 2: Overview of the history and methodology of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Session 3: Overview of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and their application
  • Session 4: Resources and tools to integrate Catholic Social Teaching into ministry and programs

Length: Four sessions of two hours that can be offered over a weekend

Multimedia: Videos, PowerPoint

Text: DeBerri/Hug, Catholic Social Teaching, Our Best Kept Secret