The Missionary Spirit of the Diaconate: Following in the Footsteps of Phillip

One of the first missionaries of the early Christian community was Phillip--who tradition looks to as one of the first seven deacons. Building on that tradition, deacons and their wives today play a critical role in carrying on the mission of Jesus.

St. Philip the Deacon

This workshop explores the missionary roots of the diaconal call and how the ministries of charity and justice, proclamation of the word and service at the table and altar are intimately connected with the Church’s mission to bring the Good News of God’s love to others, whether in the shadow of the parish or around the world.

Length: Adaptable from 1.5 to 3 hrs

Multimedia: PowerPoint

The Call to Local and Global Solidarity

Solidarity is a key principle of Catholic Social Teaching and an essential virtue for a balanced spirituality. It is none other than the realization that all people are created in the image and likeness of God, clothed with inherent dignity and form one global family.

As ministers of charity and justice and proclaimers of the word, the deacon and his wife are called to be ministers of local and global solidarity. Using the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, this workshop looks at the example of Jesus in breaking down the barriers that separate people in order for the bonds of solidarity to grow. What are the opportunities and challenges for deacons and wives to make solidarity a foundation for integral spirituality?

Length: Adaptable from 1.5 to 3hrs

Multimedia: PowerPoint

“And They Came Back Rejoicing:” Immersion and Short Term Mission for Deacons and Wives

Early in his ministry, Jesus sent the community out in pairs on mission to do what he did, to proclaim the Kingdom of God. They went and came back rejoicing.

Immersion Trip to Kenya

In increasing numbers, deacons and their wives are leaving the comfort of their homes and parishes to venture out to places such as Jamaica, Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia to meet and engage their brothers and sisters around the world. Through immersion trips and short term mission opportunities, they are crossing cultural borders, building relationships of solidarity and sharing the Good News with others. This workshop reflects on the opportunities and challenges that immersion and short term experiences provide for the deacon community and how these experiences can help the deacon community become a bridge for the church’s missionary efforts.

Length: 2 hours

Multimedia: PowerPoint and video