The Maryknoll Mission Education Team is available to direct and facilitate retreats for deacons and their wives. Our area of expertise is to bring in dimensions of solidarity, spirituality grounded in mission and practical reflection for integrated ministry. We will work with you to tailor a retreat to the specific needs and reality of your community. Retreat topics include:

Proclaiming the Word: Preach Always, Use Words when Necessary

As the herald of the Good News, the deacon and his wife stand in the forefront as witnesses of God’s love. This retreat explores the mandate from ordination to believe what you read, teach what you believe and practice what you teach. Through scripture, personal reflection and sharing, participants will discern how in practical terms they proclaim the Word, whether at home, in their occupations, through their involvement in the community, and in meeting Christ’s challenge to bring it to all the nations.

Ministers of Charity and Justice: Reflecting on Call to Solidarity

Fostering the bonds of local and global solidarity is one of the foundations of Catholic Social Teaching. However, many deacons face the challenge of finding the right balance between the sacramental demands of the parish and their call to be ministers of charity and justice in the community and around the world. As ministers of solidarity, whether in the local neighborhood or around the world, the deacon and his wife can become a bridge that connects the parish with the community and the world. Through Scripture, personal reflection and sharing this retreat reflects on the challenge to break down the walls that separate people from realizing their common bond as children of God and how to develop a balanced spirituality that is grounded in the principle and virtue of solidarity.

Ordination Retreat

The Maryknoll Team is available to direct and facilitate ordination retreats to provide the Candidates and their wives the opportunity through silence, Scripture, communal prayer and sharing to reflect upon the three dimensions of diaconal ministry (charity and justice, proclamation of the word and service at altar). In addition they will discern how after ordination they will integrate their diaconal call into their marriage, family life, occupation, parish ministry, involvement in the community and their call to bring the good news to the whole world.